Uncovering the Possibility

Cross-posted at the IDP08 Blue Blog. This is in response to Marty’s post.

This semester has, without a doubt, changed me.  At the beginning, I was worried about the structure, or apparent lack thereof. I came from an engineering background and was scared of the more creative freedom that this program boasted. A number of us came from technical backgrounds, and were surprised, to say the least, about the lack of emphasis on technical feasibility (re: Ben, Cheng, and others’ comments on Marty’s post).

I think I might be the only one who relished this change. As much as I “like” to program, and know that I’m good at it, I specifically came to this program because I felt it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want computing for computing’s sake. This is not to discount the work I’ve done before. I am proud of the fact that I survived a computer engineering program, and don’t like this rumor that’s going around about designers not having to worry about technical feasibility.

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