Commission: Mark Twain Quote

Yet another Fiverr commission complete. I’m trying to finish these off as quickly as I can because I have an exciting project coming up with a startup company next week and I want to focus on that. Stay tuned for details!

Also, I’ve joined Dribbble. So that’s fun. Really trying to get back into drawing more often, I miss it.

Beatrice in Full Color!

Hey all,

Just got an update from Jorge, the illustrator about our children’s book! He sent me the image below to give me a taste of the style he’s going for. I think Beatrice’s cape should be a brighter color since she’s a little kid, or the background needs to be more vibrant… something. I like how her metal isn’t too shiny, though. She still looks kind of soft despite being a robot, which is awesome.


Anyway, that’s a quick update on Beatrice’s Possible Impossible! I’ll try to update sometime soon about how I created the graphics for the Swing Columbus fundraiser that helped our performance team get all the way to Iowa City, IA (and win the team division competition).