X-ACTO.com UX & IA

As WD Digital’s UX designer, I documented the X-ACTO.com website architecture and wireframes for the developer team, and performed a validation test for internal marketing.

This included working with the X-ACTO focus group coordinator (and helping them understand the difference between a focus group and a one-on-one testing session). We had seven people give feedback on the designs; their comments were used for internal marketing as a way to help sell the value of the website redesign to vendors, etc.

A great project that helped change the online brand from a utilitarian catalog  to a community-based, consumer-centric website. A full product photo shoot was completed so the website could boast large images of products, meaning consumers didn’t have to remember the name of the product, just what it looked like.


Sketching, user flows, wireframes, developer documentation.

Team ( March 2012 )

Binaebi Akah (user experience designer), Garrick Reischman (senior graphic designer), Shawn Limes (lead web designer), Jonathan Broadfoot (account services)

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