Sketchnotes for Developers

A Stir Trek 2012 talk and practicum

I was invited to speak at the Columbus OH day conference Stir Trek, on May 4, 2012. It was a wild experience! I was given free reign to speak about whatever I wanted, based on my portfolio, previous work with the Stir Conference at The Ohio State University, and my newly published book, the Sketchnotes Field Guide.

The Session Description

Ever see someone doodling during a talk/meeting/presentation and assume they weren’t paying attention… only to discover afterward they were taking visual notes? Ever wonder how to do that, and how to apply it to your workday tasks? This session will be part presentation, part practicum as we explore how to create and use sketchnotes in the software development world and elsewhere.

Because I wanted to practice what I preach, I drew the entire slide deck, leaving some open for audience input. I used a document camera to show the slides as I flipped the pages. The entire presentation was in a 5″ x 8″ binder, drawn with sharpies and crayola markers.

Audience Feedback

  • “This was a breath of fresh air!”
  • “I was always a doodler, but sketchnoting didn’t seem very accessible till I heard your talk. Was thrilled to see myself using some of the techniques already as you went through them.” –Chandu Tennety

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