Rocktober Lindy Hop Branding 2012 – 2014

The not-for-profit group SwingColumbus in Columbus, OH asked me to create their promotional postcards and poster for the intensive lindy hop workshop event. The event focuses on breaking down the basic lindy hop steps into their fundamental movements so dancers have a detailed understanding about how their bodies are creating and releasing tension with their partner.

My original responsibilities consisted of branding for postcards and posters (2012, 2013). This expanded to working on the event websites (2013 – 2016), and finally, working as event director (2014, 2015). This event taught me a lot about team management skills including project timelines, holding persons accountable, empowering newer event organizers to hone their skill sets, diffusing tension, and ultimately, running a $20k event within budget.



Graphic design, print sourcing, webmaster, event registration lead, event director.