Adventures of Nerderella

Zelda Nerderella is your average Midwestern undergrad. She loves to sleep, hang out with her friends, and get good grades. This is her journey through undergrad as a computer science engineering student at The Ohio State University, circa 2003 – 2008. Process Everything is hand-drawn on sketch book paper using pencil and black pen. Each […]

Chiquita.com UX & IA

As WD Digital’s UX designer, I documented the Chiquita.com website redesign architecture and wireframes for the developer team. This included constant updates to annotations as functionality and designs were changed mid-project in order to help the developer team stay up-to-date. Depending on the fidelity of the page and the version of the annotation document, I […]

X-ACTO.com UX & IA

As WD Digital’s UX designer, I documented the X-ACTO.com website architecture and wireframes for the developer team, and performed a validation test for internal marketing. This included working with the X-ACTO focus group coordinator (and helping them understand the difference between a focus group and a one-on-one testing session). We had seven people give feedback […]

Sketchnotes Handbook Cameo

Mike Rohde, the creator of The Sketchnote Army blog and fantastic sketchnoter and illustrator, invited me and a select number of sketchnoters to create “profile” pages for his upcoming book, The Sketchnote Handbook. The instructions were to visually represent occupation, location, the story of how we came to sketchnoting, and then whatever tips and tricks […]

Enabling Brand-Right Offices

The Problem Exclusive agents were required to contact a number of sources by phone, email and the web to order office furniture, graphics and merchandise that fit the corporate brand. They were challenged with and frustrated by the complexity of this ordering process of office materials and fixtures, which diverted time and attention away from […]

OCLC: Digby mobile app

Background Executive management hand-selected a team of individuals, including myself, across OCLC to identify a mobile app opportunity. I had just wrapped up a contextual inquiry initiative with product management, which identified library staff spent more time monitoring and correcting student worker tasks than on their own assignments. A technical manager colleague had just wrapped […]