Adventures of Nerderella

Zelda Nerderella is your average Midwestern undergrad. She loves to sleep, hang out with her friends, and get good grades. This is her journey through undergrad as a computer science engineering student at The Ohio State University, circa 2003 – 2008. Process Everything is hand-drawn on sketch book paper using pencil and black pen. Each […]

Brass Goggles & Lace

Personal Identity through the Act of Appropriation The following paper was the status report written in December 2009 for the Human Computer Interaction Design capstone (masters thesis) course at Indiana University. Opening Paragraphs Technological gadgetry is a world of homogenized objects; every iPhone, for example, looks and acts the same when shipped from the factory. […]

Conceptualizing the Maker

Empowering Personal Identity through the Act of Creative Appropriation The following paper was the culmination of my masters of science thesis paper completed in May 2010 at Indiana University. http://www.blurb.com/assets/embed.swf Conceptualizing the Maker by Binaebi Akah | Make Your Own Book Abstract This research thesis attempts to define an existing subset of end users as […]

Social Signature IA

During the 2011 Startup Weekend in Columbus, OH I was the project lead and user experience designer for the ethically-concerned startup company Social Signature. Within an hour of the project getting underway, I was voted the project lead to help the team of visual designers, company co-founders, business leads, marketing leads, and developers to stay on task and […]

Chiquita.com UX & IA

As WD Digital’s UX designer, I documented the Chiquita.com website redesign architecture and wireframes for the developer team. This included constant updates to annotations as functionality and designs were changed mid-project in order to help the developer team stay up-to-date. Depending on the fidelity of the page and the version of the annotation document, I […]

Sketchnotes Field Guide

Print edition: $6.95 Kindle edition: $2.99 PDF edition: $2.99 32 pages of practical instruction and exercises to help you sketchnote your next team meeting, conference talk, or big idea. This field guide aims to empower your “live” sketchnoting and visual thinking abilities by providing explanations, examples, and exercises. We will NOT Teach you to draw […]

X-ACTO.com UX & IA

As WD Digital’s UX designer, I documented the X-ACTO.com website architecture and wireframes for the developer team, and performed a validation test for internal marketing. This included working with the X-ACTO focus group coordinator (and helping them understand the difference between a focus group and a one-on-one testing session). We had seven people give feedback […]

Sketchnotes for Developers

A Stir Trek 2012 talk and practicum I was invited to speak at the Columbus OH day conference Stir Trek, on May 4, 2012. It was a wild experience! I was given free reign to speak about whatever I wanted, based on my portfolio, previous work with the Stir Conference at The Ohio State University, […]

Lindyroos UX & Front End

The Problem Mark Calkins and Shannon Varner, a swing dance duo also known as The Lindyroos, had a stagnant Joomla website that they found difficult to update without technical support. They commissioned me to find and install a CMS with a small learning curve that they could update easily, and apply a visual theme that communicated […]

Sketchnotes Handbook Cameo

Mike Rohde, the creator of The Sketchnote Army blog and fantastic sketchnoter and illustrator, invited me and a select number of sketchnoters to create “profile” pages for his upcoming book, The Sketchnote Handbook. The instructions were to visually represent occupation, location, the story of how we came to sketchnoting, and then whatever tips and tricks […]

Communicating the Acceptd Story

[frame][/frame][frame][/frame] During the Hacker Night at the TCO at Ohio State, I met Jerry Tsai, the vice president of marketing  for the local startup Acceptd. While waiting to receive our food from the food truck, Jerry and I chatted about sketchnotes, the benefits of them for the sketchnoter (comprehension and retention) and the sketchnoter’s audience (summarization, visual engagement, retention). […]

Enabling Brand-Right Offices

The Problem Exclusive agents were required to contact a number of sources by phone, email and the web to order office furniture, graphics and merchandise that fit the corporate brand. They were challenged with and frustrated by the complexity of this ordering process of office materials and fixtures, which diverted time and attention away from […]

Rocktober Lindy Hop Branding 2012 – 2014

The not-for-profit group SwingColumbus in Columbus, OH asked me to create their promotional postcards and poster for the intensive lindy hop workshop event. The event focuses on breaking down the basic lindy hop steps into their fundamental movements so dancers have a detailed understanding about how their bodies are creating and releasing tension with their partner. My original […]

Oh So Meta! Sketchnoting Pecha Kucha

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpH-f1O76h4 One of my favorite words, meta can mean “self-referential,” which this talk was: I was at Pecha Kucha, giving a Pecha Kucha-style talk where the topic was sketchnoting Pecha Kucha. Thanks to Kelly Blumensheid for taking video!

SwingColumbus UX & Front End

The Problem SwingColumbus, a local not-for-profit social swing dancing community, had a Joomla website that was just complex enough that no one wanted to update it. As a member of the community who first joined because of the website, I was happy to volunteer. Eventually, the SwingColumbus board wanted the website updated to be responsive (many […]