Sketchnote Field Guide Author Proof

You guys! Last week I updated tumblr with the first photo of my author proof copy of the sketchnote field guide. I am so excited about this! Charlene also got her copy last week; I haven’t heard feedback yet but I’ve found a number of formatting errors that need to be fixed as a final revision before the big launch.

The photo above is the last round of edits before the print copy, and then the print copy, all shiny and new. The photo below shows where I found an alignment gaff.

There are still some formatting issues that need to be made, just tiny stuff such as when images don’t align properly with the text, etc. But other than that, and pending any changes from Charlene, we are a go for a mid-January release! It will be available on Lulu and I will make sure to post a link here, on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. You know, so everyone knows.

Next up, I’ll post some updates about the children’s book. I have the story written, and like I mentioned before my illustrator, Jorge Eduardo Sanclemente, is sending sketches to me all the time. So look for some teaser content soon. I have another project I want to highlight as well, something that combined my two loves of sketchnoting and lindy hopping, but I’ve been asked to not release it until the official launch. So stay tuned for that, as well.

Finally, I updated my portfolio website. It’s simpler, and I’d like to throw in some jQuery filtering when I have time since I have so many projects to put up there (I haven’t put up any of my projects from my current job yet, i.e. all my current UX stuff). All in all, I’m pretty excited about these projects.

Are you working on anything you want to share?

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