Report from the Front Line

Things are getting better since my last post about being unsure how to find like-minded friends. Not to say that I’ve gotten friends in a magic amount of time, I’m still right where I started, I think… but at least I’m feeling good about it. I think the whole sun staying in the sky past 4 PM is helping.

My last blog post sparked a great response on Facebook about attending events that I enjoy, such as swing dancing. A comment here on my blog mentioned that either helping others, or accepting help, is another way to make friends.

I’ve decided my first attempt is to become more involved with the swing dance community here in town. I already attend the weekly dances; they have a monthly dance where people come from all over the state (and sometimes even Indianapolis!) to dance. I happened to be suffering from food poisoning when I attended this month’s dance on Saturday, so I ended up dancing one, sitting two, and then gave up after two hours and went back to bed.

But I went out! And people were excited to see me! We are making progress.

I’m also accepting more invitations to things in general, such as when my sister proposes her crazy schemes. Like speed dating. I swear, the only way I can make this ok is by going into it as a researcher.

  • How are young professionals making time for relationships in this modern, digital age?
  • How is this experience designed by the organization putting the event together?
  • What are the first five questions people ask when trying to make a  connection?
  • How does anyone make this not the most awkward thing  you will ever do on the face of this earth?

I hope you all are ready for my report from that awkward adventure.

4 thoughts on “Report from the Front Line

  1. It will be interesting to see you feedback on this experience. I have a sense about what you will think about it but, I will reserve my comments until after you experience and post. Glad you are sharing.


    1. Not to release any spoilers, but it wasn’t bad at all! It was fascinating because I was convinced I would be weird, awkward, something, anything… Instead, I was able to pull on the knowledge I’ve strengthened through work where I interview people all of the time. So it was actually really easy to make connections and determine whether someone could hold my interest for six minutes.

      It was just like the movie Hitch. But without the shouting match.


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