CSCW Exhibition

So things are pretty crazy around here as I attempt to wrap up my first graduate degree. I want to update on everything that’s occurred, but in the meantime, I wanted to spread the word about an exhibition that one of the selective courses is holding. See below for the invitation form Shaowen Bardzell!

If you can’t make it, I’m going to take video and post it on my Vimeo account.

When: Thursday, April 29, 9:30 am to 10:35 am
Where: INFO East 130
Attire: LBD, Haute Couture, tattoos, pajamas, ninja costume, or whatever makes you feel most stylish in the morning
What to expect: Design Rogues, Joke Tracker, Critique Wall, Hand-holding Gloves, Role-based Budget Blog, Rock Clock, the Cow of C.O.W., Safety Belt, and many many more!

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