Conceptualizing the _____

Conceptualizing the _____

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Okay, I’m sitting in the back corner of the Hyatt bar at CHI, having a bit of a freak out. You see, I just read another set of papers, one by Daniel Fallman included, which has basically sealed the deal. I don’t want to have anything to do with the term “user.” Fallman’s paper, Design-oriented Human-computer Interaction, claims that designers are bricoleurs. I, however, think users are the same.

Because I don’t have time to be timid, I’ve emailed Fallman asking his thoughts on the matter. I’ve included a link to this sketch, which I drew during the drive down to Atlanta. Props to me for fighting my motion sickness!

Thoughts? Should I change the title of my capstone from Conceptualizing the User-Maker to Conceptualizing the Bricoleur? Argh this is so frustrating.

3 thoughts on “Conceptualizing the _____

  1. I would be cautious of the term Bricoleur because it is use in so many different ways in social science research and may be easily misunderstood. You might seek for a term that communicates more of the collaborative and co-design features of your population. And you have the option of creating a completel new term. Make sense?


    1. That completely makes sense. I’ll admit I’m afraid to use the term bricoleur for the same reasons you mentioned, but I’m unsure how to proceed. I don’t like the term User-Maker because I’ve disliked the word “user” for a long time. But it does, on the other hand, acknowledge the fact that someone else created a design, this person is now using it, but has also decided to tweak/make it into something else.


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