Long time, no post

Oh hai. It’s 1:30 AM on a Saturday night and I’m blogging after standing in the ceramics studio for six hours glazing my Jello Cupcake Steampunk Machine, which I’ve dubbed “The Lazarus.”

Before you shake your head at me, cut me some slack. I have wanted to blog for almost two weeks, now. I have not blogged thanks to my contracting the H1N1 flu, which essentially made me sleep for a week. I got the H1N1! Doesn’t that mean I get a little leeway? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. I didn’t go home this Thanksgiving break so I can catch up with the time I’ve missed due to being ill. So I wish I could say that I’ve accomplished a lot, but I feel like I haven’t. Not for capstone, anyway.

Capstone status update

  • I’ve created a spreadsheet of persons that I would like to contact for interviews. They all have some relation to Steampunk.
  • I’ve begun filling out the HSC forms so I can perform my interviews. Even with the guidelines, these forms don’t make sense. Thank goodness I have an example to look at.
  • I volunteered to do a five-minute presentation in capstone class talking about what I’ve accomplished this semester, and what I plan to do next semester. I feel this will help me crystallize my thoughts so I can focus on my paper a little better.
  • I have begun filling out some sections of my capstone paper. I’m still looking for exemplars outside of Steampunk, so if you have any ideas, comment.
  • I had a late-night pseudo-design session with Chad at Steak-n-Shake, where we talked about our capstones and the paper that is due in a couple weeks. The conclusion to that conversation was mainly that we don’t have time, aren’t sure what we’re doing, and that milkshakes are awesome.

Capstone To-do list

  • I’ve got to write my reflections about Halloween. Yes, still. Thank goodness I took video and have pictures to jog my memory. I don’t know why I’m dragging my feet on this. I know once  begin writing, I’ll enjoy it.
  • I need to complete the HSC forms.
  • I need to start contacting people to interview.
    • Meaning I also need to write my participation request letter, etc. Sigh.
  • I need to work on my five-minute status presentation. I have a slide deck outlined, there just isn’t much content yet.

“So little to do, so much time! Strike that. …Reverse it.”

Willy Wonka was a wise man, really.

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