Mint Making a Mint by Selling Out

So I’m not happy about the news that is selling out to Intuit, the big bad of financial applications. See below for the email I wrote to Mint expressing my unhappiness.

We interaction designers here at Indiana University are not amused by the idea of selling out to Intuit.

As one of those interaction designers, I understand the matter from a business perspective, but as far as I’m concerned, your product is far superior and will surely suffer in Inuit’s hands.

I hope you will make it an option to NOT ALLOW Intuit to data mine my information. Personal finances are risky business; this is why I went with a smaller, free application that I felt we could trust.

The idea that a large corporation will now have access to the “data-mining opportunities present in the recorded info on 1.4 million users–a data set that’s got intrinsic value in its own right” that you,, has not investigated, is horrifying.

I’m going to stick it out for another couple of weeks to see how this plays out. But I don’t see our relationship going much further than that.

That said, I’ve heard is a good alternative.

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