Steampunking it Up

As I continue to muddle through all my interests, struggling to find a valuable design situation, I keep coming back to Steampunk. While talking with my roommate far into the early morning hours, I suddenly had a vision. And it was glorious.

If I follow through with the capstone idea centered around the Steampunk culture, I should embrace it fully. I own a white scarf, check. I have some Victorian-esque shirts, opera gloves, and could wrangle together some brass welding goggles. Sure, why not? I have a small desk fan to run so that my scarf billows behind me as I expound upon my Steampunkish theories and design concepts to my professors and peers.

What am I trying to say? Only that I could (and most likely should) adopt the clothing aesthetic of Steampunk, thus emphasizing my dedication.

My presentation could very well be the whimsical yet informative event that I’m hoping for. The only thing missing are the zeppelins. I feel a sketch coming on…

3 thoughts on “Steampunking it Up

  1. Allow me to help you out. I’ve just launched an everything Steampunk website (CoalCitySteam – dot – com) that can point you in the right direction for all kinds of things. There is even a blog on the links page that deals with Steampunk interior design – called Steampunk Home, I think.
    You can get goggles at most plumbing supply stores for about 6 bucks.
    Pith helmets at Army surplus. (lots of good hunting there) and Goodwill! Don’t forget them for belts and brass bits.
    Have fun!


    1. Thanks Emilie! You have no idea how excited I became when I saw your comment. I’m not sure what direction I’m going with my thesis yet, but I’m trying to gather as many resources as I can about Steampunk to help me out.


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