As a user experience designer with 10+ years experience, I am a curious and creative strategist known for translating motivations and pain points into intuitive solutions via tight collaboration with business and technical partners. My leadership style focuses on empathy and empowerment to establish cross-team collaborations, deconstruct blockers, and craft attainable milestones.

I have a trained background in Human Computer Interaction Design, Computer Engineering, English, and the Arts, making me comfortable with multi-disciplinary teams and multiple stakeholders. I am known as a “disruption for good,” advocating for inclusive, user-centered experiences whenever I walk into the room.

  • I advocate for empathy within the production team and for the end user.
  • I bring the end user’s story to the forefront of any proposed problem-solution pairing.
  • I mentor team members and lead by example through delivering a variety of UX deliverables.
  • I have high professional standards and contribute to UX teams from day one.

Client history includes OCLC, Chiquita, The Home Depot, X-ACTO, Office Depot, Nationwide Insurance, and many local non-profit and small business organizations.

CliftonStrengths: Intellection, achiever, learner, context, individualization