Hi, I’m Binaebi, an experience design leader based in Columbus, Ohio.

Binaebi Akah Calkins is a design leader & strategist with 13 years experience in search engine, SaaS, and omnichannel marketing services. Binaebi uses design/systems thinking, storytelling, and data to develop product strategies. Her leadership style focuses on empathy and empowerment to establish cross-team collaborations, deconstruct blockers, and craft attainable milestones. She is known as a “disruptor for good,” advocating for inclusive, user-centered experiences that support user needs and deliver business value.

At OCLC, Binaebi leads design delivery in support of library search engine and management SaaS experiences across the company by utilizing my blend of business, experience design, information architecture, and facilitation expertise. Prior to her current role as Senior XD Delivery Lead, she supervised four employees and six contractors, having recruited and hired seven of those ten individuals.

Client history includes OCLC, Chiquita, The Home Depot, X-ACTO, Office Depot, Nationwide Insurance, and multiple local non-profit and small business organizations.

CliftonStrengths are intellection, achiever, learner, context, individualization, activator, connectedness, strategic, input, restorative. 4w3. INFJ.