Sketchnotes Field Guide

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Kindle edition: $2.99
PDF edition: $2.99

32 pages of practical instruction and exercises to help you sketchnote your next team meeting, conference talk, or big idea. This field guide aims to empower your “live” sketchnoting and visual thinking abilities by providing explanations, examples, and exercises.

We will NOT

  • Teach you to draw like an artist.

We will

  • Introduce the basic elements and practices of sketchnoting;
  • Help you to become a better listener;
  • Help you find important points of the discussion or event you are recording.

Though this book will not help you draw like an artist, we borrow liberally from the lessons artists are taught. Sketching is more about observation than anything else. Just as an artist learns to see, you will too.

Excerpts from the Sketchnotes Field Guide

Table of Contents and Intro


Intro and Materials


How to Sketch




About the Authors

Binaebi Akah is a lindy hopper, writer, and User Experience Designer based in Columbus, OH. She believes in the magic of whiteboards, slinkies, and hugs. You can contact her via her website or Twitter. Watch her presentation about sketchnotes for developers from the 2012 Stir Trek conference!

Charlene McBride is an artist and User Experience Designer based in Boston, MA. She runs VizThink Boston and always travels with a minimum of 3 sketchbooks and a set of watercolors. You can contact her via her website or Twitter.