UX & IA

As WD Digital’s UX designer, I documented the website redesign architecture and wireframes for the developer team.

This included constant updates to annotations as functionality and designs were changed mid-project in order to help the developer team stay up-to-date. Depending on the fidelity of the page and the version of the annotation document, I would hand over sketched pages, formal wireframes, and/or full graphic designs with annotations.

The challenge with this project was that we needed to consolidate about ten microsites into the corporate website. An interesting project that included a full photo shoot!


Sketching, user flows, wireframes, developer documentation.

Team ( September 2011 )

Binaebi Akah (user experience designer), Garrick Reischman (senior graphic designer), Shawn Limes (lead web designer), Jonathan Broadfoot (account services), Derek Protopapas (client services)