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Binaebi Akah Calkins dancing solo jazz
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I am a Lead User Experience Designer proudly based in Columbus, OH. My interest in communication, collaboration, visual design, and development, plus my persistent need to bring order out of chaos, led me to the User Experience industry. With a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering, a minor in English, and a Masters in Human Computer Interaction Design, I facilitate solutions with cross-disciplinary teams.

  • I advocate for empathy within the production team and for the end user.
  • I work tirelessly to bring the end user’s story to the forefront of any proposed problem-solution pairing.
  • I enjoy mentoring team members and leading by example through delivering a variety of UX deliverables.
  • I have high professional standards and contribute to UX teams from day one.

Extracurricular Activities

Do not contact me with contract, temporary, or part-time opportunities.

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