Made by Hand

I just wanted to let you know that I have been devouring Mark Frauenfelder’s Made by Hand. I received it for my birthday in August and just got around to reading it… I am underlining something almost every other page. This is the industry version of my capstone and I’m ecstatic to be reading it.

In fact, last night I dreamed I was building a steampunk chicken coop with Frauenfelder. This is not nearly as odd as you might think.

I’ll post a real review once I finish the book, but wow. This book has fired me up in a way I’ve been missing (quite desperately, actually) since graduating from my masters program.

3 thoughts on “Made by Hand

  1. Thank for the kind words about my book, Binaebi. Please let me know about the stuff you make!

    Kind regards.

    1. Mark, I was just about to write my actual review of the book when your comment appeared in my inbox. Threw me into a fangirl loop of confusion and incredulity.

      Blogging and commenting aside, I’m super excited that you’re coming to Ohio State in the spring. I’ll be the one sketchnoting your talk and asking for your autograph if I get the chance. Just a heads up.

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